Cooling Solution for Netcare

//Cooling Solution for Netcare

Cooling Solution for Netcare

Climate Wizard – Crown’s Super-Efficient Cooling Solution for Netcare

It can be safely said that most businesses are keenly interested in saving money and will certainly explore options that result in lower energy costs. In fact, this is particularly true here in South Africa with a somewhat uncertain future in terms of power and energy availability.

It was with this in mind that the management of Netcare Sunninghill and Netcare Krugersdorp set about exploring their options to reduce the cooling load of their existing HVAC system.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling From Climate Wizard

The challenges of this project were formidable:

  • The existing HVAC systems were responsible for around 48 percent of the overall energy consumption within the hospitals which management wanted to reduce.
  • The humidity levels needed to be strictly monitored as excessive humidity results in rust and bacterial growth – neither of which is tolerable within a hospital environment.
  • The preference was that the solution would not require expensive new plant room equipment.

How does the Climate Wizard Fare?

The patented evaporative cooling system developed by Seeley International offered a brilliant solution.

  • The water-to-air heat exchanger separates the air from where the evaporation takes place. (Indirect evaporation)
  • The Climate Wizard surpasses the stringent ASHRAE regulations on recirculating air and can feasibly use fresh air to cool the hospitals. This makes for a better, healthier operating environment.
  • The units reduced the load on the existing units significantly, reducing maintenance and energy costs immediately. In fact, the electrical demand of the Climate Wizard remains steady despite outside conditions which allows for a more constant energy cost allocation.
  • The system uses up to 80 percent less energy than the previous units while operating efficiently despite the ambient climate conditions.
  • These units are self-draining which require minimal maintenance.

It’s clear that the addition of the Climate Wizard to the existing HVAC system was a good one, and one which is saving the Netcare hospitals R500 000 in energy costs per annum. No small feat!

Would you like more information on the patented tech behind the indirect evaporative cooling system of the Climate Wizard?

Contact the Crowne team today – we work hard to keep you cool.

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