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Ducted Gas Heating – A Rapid, Affordable and Energy-Efficient Heating Option

With energy prices going through the roof, there’s never been a better time to consider ducted gas heating. This incredible system has an edge on traditional reverse cycle heating when it comes to both efficiency and performance. Let’s find out more.

6 Reasons To Switch To Ducted Gas Heating

1 Heating systems powered by wood and reverse cycle systems produce dry air, which can irritate eyes, throats and skin. The heat produced by gas heating systems is more moist, which results in a far more comfortable environment and is much better suited to those with dust allergies or asthma.

Health Benefits

2Ducted gas heating does not dry the air. This makes winter far more bearable without having to deal with dry skin or irritated eyes and sinuses. Moreover, the heating manifold heats up to around 120 degrees Celsius meaning that most bacteria in your office or home when recirculated, is burned up. The spread of further infection, therefore, is significantly reduced.

Low Running Costs

3Provided you have decent ceiling insulation, the return-air dropper installed and the system correctly zoned, your running costs are lower than most other heating systems.

Low Maintenance Costs

4These exceptional heating systems only need a minor service once every 3 years.

Instant Warmth

5Ducted gas heating reaches selected temperature much faster than reverse cycle air-conditioning. This again saves energy and adds comfort by warming your home or office much quicker.

Going Off The Grid

6The spark and fan motor require a minimal off-grid supply (less than 1KW per running unit), meaning that your renewable energy requirement is further reduced.

  • Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch Controller makes operating your Braemar heater so simple.

  • The discreet and modern design blends seamlessly into the décor of your office or home.

  • Flexible and programmable zoning ensures further savings on running costs, whilst pre-heating to your exact needs!