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Evaporative Cooling Systems – Which Brand is Right For You?





The Cirrus evaporative cooler is an exciting new locally produced product developed and manufactured by Crown Technologies. Cirrus provides an efficient and affordable solution to healthy home comfort. It delivers ideal cooling comfort by supplying fresh, filtered, humidified and refreshingly cool
air in to your home.

Cirrus Evaporative cooling


Servicing of Cirrus units is very simple and can be easily done by an on-site maintenance team. This can be done once as little as once a year depending on the usage and quality of the water in the area. Most components are robust but can easily be replaced by a handyman.

Technical Specifications

  • Power consumption Max Speed: 380W

  • Sump Capacity: 5L

  • Water consumption: 5 – 20L per hour

  • Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 750(H)

  • Airflow: 1500L/s

  • Cooling Capacity at standard ceiling height 3m: approx. 65 sqm

  • Power requirements: 1.8A/220V

Each evaporative cooling system comes installed with either a control panel or a remote for effortless control over your environment. The hi-tech, low noise fan ensures adequate circulation through the system. The maximum power consumption is less than 400watts which is equivalent to 4 x 100-watt light bulbs.

Evaporative Cooling

Breeze Air and Cool Air by Seeley Int. – Australia

Breezair logo

Seeley offers a range evaporative air conditioning models with varying cooling capacities to suit commercial and industrial applications. The Breeze Air motor and fan are incredibly quiet, so you (and your neighbours) can sleep soundly without the disruption of a noisy cooling unit. The unique motor and fan are part of Seeley International’s innovative technology and manufacturing process


Hushpower® direct drive Invertacool motor

  • Exclusive to Breezair and manufactured in Australia

  • Incredibly quiet and efficient throughout operating range

  • Uses far less energy than traditional motors

  • Unsurpassed reliability, evident in the best warranties on the market!

  • Corrosion-proofed throughout, with parts that won’t rust

  • Icon® Series Centrifugal fan

  • Designed to deliver optimum air output at all times

  • Ultra-quiet centrifugal fan with variable drive speed

  • Use ‘Fan Only’ mode (no water) to blow fresh air through the home and expel odours

  • Responsive to duct sizing and back-pressure

Hushpower technology

Below are a few of Breezair’s innovations that continue to deliver energy efficient cooling:

Invertacool™ Inverter technology

  • Cleverly manages power consumption and eliminates the wasteful and costly stop-
    start-stop sequence

  • Generates greatly reduced energy use and genuine cost savings

  • A Breezair evaporative cooler uses up to 90% less electricity than ducted reverse cycle air
    conditioners and up to 40% less electricity than conventional non-inverter driven evaporative coolers.

  • Mini-Cell Chillcel® Pad Technology boasts a new cutting edge level of cooling
    capacity of up to 21% more cooling!

MagIQtouch Controller

  • Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch Controller makes
    operating your system simple.

  • The MagIQTouch’s discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor
    of your office or home.

  • Flexible and programmable (7-day calendar) zoning ensures further savings on
    running costs, whilst pre-heating/cooling to your exact needs.

  • Auto clean function – World’s first fully automated pad cleansing capability enables
    you to “set and forget” ensuring your evaporative cooling system pads remain clean,
    fresh and functional all summer long, season after season.

  • Child access lock – Select a pin code to control access to your controller

Cool Breeze – Australia


The CoolBreeze Heritage Series offers classic good looks that will compliment any roof and add value to your home. Check out our range of choices below. We offer six different models from the D 95 to the large D 255. You are sure to find an air conditioner to efficiently cool your home The stylish CoolBreeze Cascade has an amazingly low profile blending in with the roofline of your home so it’s almost undetectable from street view. The base of the unit perfectly follows the roof line hiding the electrical connections, plumbing etc, and combined with our unique ‘under-fan motor design’ makes it one of the lowest profile air conditioners available.