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Heating and Cooling System Rentals – The Best Of Both Worlds

A comfortable office is essential to keep staff happy and motivated. However, this is only one of the many great reasons to choose a climate control system rental option from Crown Tech.

  • A system rental will ease your budget without compromising on the quality or brand choice of your cooling/heating system.
  • The rental option affords you the best of both worlds: easy monthly payments for the best brands with the most modern features and often, the lowest running costs which equals savings all round!
  • Get tax back! Claim the full rental costs back against input tax as the asset remains off your asset register.
  • Concerned about unforeseen repairs?
    • As Crown Tech’s asset, its Crown Tech’s responsibility to maintain your climate control system.
    • All travel, labour and spare parts required to keep the cooling/heating systems in optimum working order are included in your monthly rental. No nasty surprises.
    • The only repair exclusions would be insurance related issues such as “acts of God”.
  • It’s in our best interest, and our responsibility to include all major and minor services. This is done automatically but confirmed with you first – First-class convenience and peace of mind, at a fixed monthly rate.

Climate control system rental just makes sense! Why not call us today for a free quote?

call us today for a free quote

We have partnered with a reputable national finance house and rentals will, therefore, be subject to appropriate credit approval.