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Did you know?

You can contract TB, colds, flu/airborne diseases from people that left the room hours ago.

Did you know?

Indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Did you know?

A sneeze projects droplets for up to 40 meters and can stay alive and airborne for hours.

Did you know?

It is estimated that 80% of South Africans have latent TB. (TBfacts.org/tb.statistics-south-africa)

Safe-Air is the next level in air purification 

Why Purify Indoor Air?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

The average adult consumes 11 000 to 14 000 litres of air per day. Throughout the day, we are close to many people who expel droplets when they cough, sneeze, laugh and talk. Some of the more adventurous nuclei can travel up to 40m and remain airborne for hours. Which is exactly how airborne diseases are spread.

How Does It Work?

SafeAir Air Purifiers have been designed to draw the un-purified air in from the room, pass it over concealed ultraviolet lamps or through Filters and significantly reduce or kill those harmful airborne microbes – bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

What is SAFEAIR?

SafeAir Air Purifiers use a combination of UV light and carbon Nanotube technology to purify & revitalise indoor air.

SafeAir pro-actively controls & reduces the spread of pathogens such as airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as yeast & mould spores. The device also neutralises known carcinogens that regularly pollute indoor air such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and tobacco smoke. SafeAir also removes unpleasant odours. When putting Safe-Air to the test, the National Health Laboratory Service report of February 2017* concluded that the two units that were submitted, were effective in reducing the pathogens count by up to an incredible 99% in the lab test room. Therefore recognizing SafeAir as an effective disinfection system and one mean germ destroying machine.

*Report available upon request

air purification_safeair_crown technologies

Safe-Air is Perfect for Business or Domestic Use

  • Business (offices, call centres, factories, warehouses)

  • Education (crèches, schools, universities)

  • Hospitality (hotels, lodges, places of worship, B&Bs, restaurants, canteens)

  • Medical (hospitals, clinics, consulting rooms, ambulances)

  • Public transport (trains, busses, taxis)

  • Recreational (gyms, night clubs)

  • Retail (shopping malls, bathrooms)

air purification_safeair_crown technologies

air purification_safeair_crown technologies

Some of the Many Benefits and Features of Indoor Air Purification

  • Controls the spread of infectious airborne diseases

  • Reduces allergens for asthma and sinus sufferers

  • Neutralises odours

  • 9000hr UV lamp Lifespan

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Eliminates stale air

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