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Did you know?

Viruses that cause influenza can survive in the air as droplets for hours and live on hard surfaces like phones and keyboards for up to 24 hours.

Did you know?

Salmonella and campylobacter survive for around one to four hours on hard surfaces and fabrics.

Did you know?

Scientists have found that many potentially infectious bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds can survive on surfaces for considerable amounts of time.

Did you know?

The type of UV light that’s most effective at killing germs, like viruses and bacteria, is UVC light.

Safe-Air UV-C lamps are the next level in surface sterilization 

Why Safeair Sterilisers?

  • Our SafeAir Sterilisers have high UV-C output and kill pathogens in seconds.
  • They are Available in 18w and high output 55w and 95w models.
  • Powerful Germicidal 254nm UV-C lamp.
  • You get 9,000 hours of lamp life.
  • It’s easy to change the lamp without taking it apart.
  • It has a lightweight aluminium powder coated housing.
  • Very easy to use with on/off switch and safety remote control.

How Does It Work?

UV surface disinfection is a physical process rather than a chemical disinfectant. UV-C works very well against those stubborn organisms that have become immune to other sterilizing methods. Pathogens cannot build immunity towards UV-C light.

Of course there is still a need for regular cleaning as the UV-C will kill the microorganism and make the surface safe, but  dead organisms and normal dust will still be present.

What is UVGI Sterilization?

Ok, let’s get a little technical. UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is a sterilization method. It uses UV light at a sufficiently short wavelength to break down micro-organisms and kill or inactivate them. The way it does this is by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform. It is used in a variety of applications such as food, air, surface, and water purification.

SafeAir UVGI Surface Sterilisers have been designed to be lightweight, sleek, user-friendly and, most of all, safe.

safeair sterilization lamp

safeair UV-C sterilization lamp applications

UV-C Room & Surface Sterilizer is Perfect for Business or Domestic Use

  • Business (offices, call centres, factories, warehouses)

  • Education (crèches, schools, universities)

  • Hospitality (hotels, lodges, places of worship, B&Bs, restaurants, canteens)

  • Medical (hospitals, clinics, consulting rooms, ambulances)

  • Public transport (trains, busses, taxis)

  • Recreational (gyms, night clubs)

  • Retail (shopping malls, bathrooms)

safeair UV-C sterilization lamp

safeair UV-C sterilization lamp

Some of the Many Benefits and Features of the Safeair UV Surface Steriliser

  • It’s highly effective against all known pathogens, bacteria, and viruses

  • Also, SafeAir UV-C Surface Sterilisers do not produce smells, O³ (Ozone) nor use chemicals or alcohol to sterilise surfaces.

  • Fitted with a shatterproof lamp sleeve, you’ll be protected if the lamp happens to break

  • With a protective inside coating, it ensures almost constant UV output for the complete lifetime of the lamp

  • Lastly, it is proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa

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